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(50) most recent ipo's
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list datesymbollist pricertgrouppr datelead uwinit sharesrev sharesinit rangerev rangepricedopened
06/29/10TSLA23.89IPOAPMF06/29/10GS, MS11.113.314-16-17.0019.00
06/25/10FN10.75IPOELCM06/25/10MS, DB8.5-12-14-10.0010.95
06/24/10HPP17.40IPOREDO06/24/10BOFAM, BC, MS12.8-17-17-17.0017.50
06/17/10OAS14.88IPO06/17/10MS, UBS42.0-13-15-14.0014.85
05/20/10AH13.55IPOCSH05/20/10GS, CS13.33-14-15-12.0012.74
05/20/10RLOC14.98IPOCSA05/20/10JPM, BOFAML4.17-17-19-13.0012.00
05/13/10EXPR16.75IPORTALS05/13/10BOAS, GS, MS16.0-18-20-17.0017.00
05/13/10RRTS13.75IPOTRSV05/13/10RWB, BB&T, SN10.6-14-16-14.0013.75

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