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Ipo's or "Initial Public Offerings" is a type of primary offering which occurs the first time a company sells stock to the public.

We cover most ipo's as they are the new blood of the markets and represent possible new, market leading products and services. If the company manages to keep growing and reporting earnings we usually keep covering it. However, there are lots of ipo's that don't make it. We usually drop coverage of ipo's / companies whose share price falls below a dollar. An explanation of the ipo table follows:

list date - This is the day the ipo started trading on the open market.

symbol - This is the ticker symbol that a stock is identified by. We cover only stocks listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX markets.

list price - This is the closing price on the ipo's first day of trading and represents a price that anyone could have bought shares at.

rt - This stands for "record type" and on the ipo table you will only see "IPO". The link in this column will take you to the "ipo detail view" for that particular record.

group - Group, as in industry group is basically what the company is engaged in. There is a list located in "abbreviations". It may seem confusing at first, but you will soon learn what they mean and the abbreviation is much smaller and easier to use in the tables.

pr date - This is the date that shares were priced by the underwriter (pricing date).

lead uw - This is the Lead Underwriter and is shown as an abbreviation. The Lead Underwriter is the investment bank in charge of setting the offering price of an IPO and allocating shares to others for the primary offering. See abbreviations or see the note area of the "ipo detail view" (link in the "rt" column) where the name is shown in full.

init shrs - This is the number of shares that were initially offered for sale (initial shares) and is shown in millions of shares.

rev shrs - If the number of shares initially offered changes, either up or down, it will show here (revised shares) and is show in millions of shares.

init range - This is the price range the Lead Underwriter(s) have decided to offer shares at (initial range).

rev range - If the Lead Underwriter(s) change the price range that shares will be offered at, it will show here (revised range)

priced - This is the share price that offered shares were priced at for the primary offering.

opened - This is the share price that the ipo shares opened for sale to all on it's first day of trading on the open market.

Please note that all table headers have titles that can be accessed by hovering the curser over the header name in most current browsers.

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