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info : e-s-i stock picks

Well, "e-s-i" stock picks provide an easy way to scan for the type of stock your interested in. We provide many stock pick lists which are all derived from our main "watch list". The stock pick lists are "UltraValue", "XtraValue", "iSpeculate", "UltimateLeaders", "UpperCrust", "room2run", and "GETshort". Additionally the page, "stocks we cover", is a list of all the stocks that we provide data on. For an explanation of the earnings table, see "info: earnings". Below you will find a rundown of our stock pick lists.

watch list - These are stocks that were found to have good / interesting earnings numbers. Generally speaking, they will have rising earnings rank ("er") and strength rank ("sr"). Also, earnings percent change ("epc") and sales percent change ("spc") will be higher than the prior quarter.

UltraValue Stock Picks - As the name implies, stocks in the UltraValue stock pick list bring a lot of earnings per share to the table. UltraValue stock picks will have a "pes" value greater than "0" but no greater than "20".

XtraValue Stock Picks - This list is similar to UltraValue in that XtraValue stock picks also have a lot of earnings, however the "pes" here will be greater than "20" up to and including "30".

iSpeculate Stock Picks - The iSpeculate stock picks basically have negative earnings numbers but have excellent earnings and sales growth.

UltimateLeaders Stock Picks - These stocks have market leading qualities. UltimateLeaders stock picks will have high earnings rank, high strength rank, high earnings percent change, high sales percent change, a list price greater than six (6) and an average volume of 150,000 or greater.

Uppercrust Stock Picks - UpperCrust stock picks are similar to UltimateLeader stock picks except that the list price is not limited to greater than (6), the mix of ranking, earnings and sales numbers are slightly different and the average volume is capped at 700,000.

room2run Stock Picks - The room2run stock picks are selected for their good earnings but have earnings rank and sales rank that are 2 up to and including 5. The pes will also be greater than 20.

GETshort Stock Picks - GETshort stock picks are kind of experimental for us as our site is aimed at finding stocks with good earnings. Beware of this stock pick list. Stocks that make it to the "GETshort" stock pick list can do very well as short candidates but also may perform spectacularly to the upside. The earnings of these stocks may look poor as indicated by the low earnings rank (er), however they do have a high strength rank (sr) and the story behind each stock is not accounted for. Check the earnings history to look for declining earnings rank (er) and strength rank (sr). Also check a stock chart to look for weakness and it is strongly reccommended to not fight a rising trend. Not many stocks make it to this list, so only consider recent additions. Stock picks on this list have a low "er", a high "sr" and negative earnings numbers.

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