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Earnings are the meat of this site. Actual earnings and future anticipated earnings are what will drive a stocks share price up or down. So it only makes good sense to pay attention to earnings when picking stock investments, even if you use technical analysis for making investment decisions. Our site tracks earnings announcements for over 2000 stocks. All earnings data contained in earnings-splits-ipo.com is derived from earnings announcements. The intent of the site is to give an investor a means of looking at a company's earnings announcement history over many quarters that includes the stock price at that point in time. In essence you can see what has happened to a stock's price and earnings in one easy to read screen. An explanation of the earnings table follows:

list date - This is the day we listed the earnings announcement and is not the day the company released it's earnings to the public. We usually get the data listed within a day or two of the actual release date. Feel free to email us if you think we have missed an earnings announcment as it does happen from time to time.

symbol - This is the ticker symbol that a stock is identified by. We cover only stocks listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX markets. Symbols that are uppercase had higher earnings for the quarter and those in lowercase had lower earnings for the quarter.

list price - This is the closing price from the prior trading day. So, say we list an earnings announcment on Monday, the list price is the closing price from the previous Friday.

eps - This stands for "earnings per share". Earnings are currently stated as net earnings. In the past (thru 9/03) earnings were usually stated as basic earnings. If it were something else, it would be noted by a letter like (.25/.23n) with the n meaning net. Other symbols were d (basic diluted) and nd (net diluted). If available we would also put other earnings numbers for the quarter or year in the "note" area which is located on the earnings detail page and is accessed by the link contained in the "rt" column (record type).

sales (m) - This denotes sales for the quarter and is compared to the prior years quarterly sales figure. All sales are stated in millions of dollars except there are a few cases where the sales is in a foreign currency. This is usually stated in the note area.

epc - This stands for "earnings percent change" and is a measure of the year over year quarterly earnings change. If a company reported earnings of 1.00/.50 the "epc" would be +100 (%). If the "epc" figure has a + or - after as in (+100+), the latter denotes whether the "epc" is higher or lower than the previous quarter.

spc - This stands for sales percent change and like "epc" is a measure of the year over year quarterly sales change. If a company reports sales this quarter of 150 million and last years was 75 million the "spc" would be +100. Like "epc", the + or - after denotes whether the "spc" is higher or lower than the previous quarter.

er - This stands for "earnings rank" and is a number from 0 through 10 with 10 being the best. This number is based entirely on our opinion and is not the result of some secret formula and should be treated as just that, an opinion.

sr - This stands for "strength rank" and like "er" is a number from 0 through 10 with 10 being best. This number is also based entirely on our opinion of how the stock has performed.

rt - This stands for "record type" and is used to denote several things. The main symbology here is "E" for earnings records, "SS" for stock split records and of course "IPO" for ipo's. However earnings has several symbols that are used, each beginning with "E". The symbols used are "E", "EX1", "EX2" and "EX3. The first instance "E" means "quarterly sales" were not higher than the prior year. With "EX1", it means that "quarterly sales" were higher than the prior year but don't meet the requirements of "EX2" or "EX3". With "EX2" the "quarterly sales" and "quarterly earnings" are both higher than the previous year but the "epc" must be up 30% or more and the "pes" (price earnings screen, see below) is 68 or higher. For "EX3" everything is the same as "EX2" except that "pes" must be between 0 and 67.

group - Group, as in industry group is basically what the company is engaged in. There is a list located in "abbreviations". It may seem confusing at first, but you will soon learn what they mean and the abbreviation is much smaller and easier to use in the tables.

pes - This stands for "price / earnings screen" which is not to be confused with pe ratio. Our "pes" is just a number to visually see the impact of the "list price" divided by the current earnings. A list price of 12 divided by earnings of .25 would give a "pes" of 48 or if earnings were .50 the "pes" would be 24. It's simply an easy way to look down a list to see how earnings and stock price mesh.

wl - This stands for "watch list". An "X" in this column means that this earnings record made it into our "watch list". In our opinion the stocks earnings were worthy / interesting enough to put it into our "watch list". All of our stock lists (UltraValue, etc.) use stocks that made it into our "watch list".

avg vol - This stands for average volume and is meant to be a 3 month average volume when available. We take the number and then reduce it to the next lowest thousand except when the average volume is below 10,000. We then use the actual number. So an average volume of 159,999 would be 159,000 and 9,999 would stay 9,999. When you find an "e" after the number (159,000e) the number is an estimate and is actually a number from an adjacent quarter.

Please note that all table headers have titles that can be accessed by hovering the curser over the header name in most current browsers.

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