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avg average
epc earnings percent change
eps earnings per share
er earnings rank
init initial
(m) millions
opt option
pes price / earnings screen
pr pricing
rev revised
rt record type
shrs shares
spc sales percent change
sr strength rank
uw underwriter
vol volume
wl watch list
BOASBanc of America Securities LLC
BBBanco Bilbao
BB&TBB&T Capital Markets
BSBear Stearns & Co. Inc.
CICCChina International Capital Corporation Limited
CIBCCIBC World Markets
CITICitigroup Gobal Markets Inc.
CSFBCredit Suisse First Boston LLC
DADD.A. Davidson & Co.
DAS Daiwa Securities
DSDeutsche Securities
EBCEarlyBirdCapital Inc.
FBWFerris Baker Watts
FBFriedman, Billings, Ramsey & Co. Inc.
GSGoldman, Sachs & Co.
J&CJefferies & Co. Inc.
JPMJ.P. Morgan Securities Inc.
KDSKashner Davidson Securities
KBWKeefe, Bruyette & Woods Inc.
LFLazard Freres
LBLehman Brothers Inc.
MGMaxim Group LLC
MLMerrill Lynch & Co.
MSMorgan Stanley & Co.
NSCNational Securities Corporation
PFSPierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated
PJPiper Jaffray
RJRaymond James & Associates Inc.
RBCRBC Capital Markets
RB&CRyan, Beck & Co.
SMHSanders, Morris, Harris Group Inc.
SGCSG Cowen Securities Corporation
SBCSmith Barney Citigroup
TWPThomas Weisel Partners LLC
UBSSUBS Securities LLC
UBSUBS Investment Bank
WSWachovia Securities
WBWilliam Blair
WRHW.R. Hambrecht & Co.
AD Areospace and Defense
ADE Aerospace and Defense Equipment
AGO Agricultural Operations
ALCLM Apparel Clothing Manufacturers
ALSRM Apparel, Shoes and Related Manufacturers
APMF Auto Manufacturers
APOE Autos and Trucks, Original Equipment
APRP Auto and Truck Replacement Parts
APTM Auto and Truck Tires and Miscellaneous
APTPHD Trucks and Parts, Heavy Duty
BAF Banks, Foreign
BAMC Banks, Money Center
BAMW Banks, Midwest
BANE Banks, Northeast
BASE Banks, Southeast
BASR Banks, Super Regional
BAWSW Banks, West and Southwest
BUCCA Building, Cement, Concrete and Aggregrates
BUCPM Building, Construction Products and Miscellaneous
BUHC Building, Heavy Construction
BUHT Building Hand Tools and Related
BUHVAC Building, Heating,Ventilatiing and Air Conditioning Products
BUMRV Building, Mobile, Manufactured and Recreational Vehicle
BUMS Building Maintenance and Service
BUPAP Building Paint and Associated Products
BURC Building, Residential and Commercial
BUWP Building, Wood Products
BVA Beverages, Alcoholic and Related
BVSD Beverages, Soft Drinks and Related
C Containers and Related
CHB Chemicals, Basic
CHP Chenicals, Plastics and Related
CHS Chemicals, Specialty and Related
COPC Cosmetics, Personal Care and Related
COPM Consumer Products, Miscellaneous
CPDS Computer Data Storage
CPISYS Computer Integrated Systems
CPMF Computer Manufacturers
CPN Computer Networking
CPP Computer Peripheral Equipment
CPSD Computer Software for Design
CPSDT Computer Software for Desktop
CPSE Computer Software for Enterprise
CPSEE Computer Software for Educational and Entertainment
CPSFI Computer Software for Financial
CPSME Computer Software for Medical
CPSS Computer Software for Security
CPTS Computer Technical Services
CSA Commercial Services, Advertising
CSC Commercial Services, Consulting
CSH Commercial Services, Healthcare
CSL Commercial Services, Leasing
CSM Commercial Services, Miscellaneous
CSMR Commercial Services, Market Research
CSP Commercial Services, Printing
CSS Commercial Services, Staffing
CSSCH Commercial Services, Schools
CSSS Commercial Services, Security and Safety
DO Diversified Operations
ELCC Electrical / Electronics Componets and Conncectors
ELCM Electrical / Electronics Contract Manufacturing
ELE Electrical / Electronics Equipment
ELMP Electrical / Electronics Miscellaneous Products
ELMS Electrical / Electronics Military Systems
ELPD Electrical / Electronics Parts Distributors
ELSM Electrical / Electronics Scientific and Measurement
ELUE Electrical / Electronics Semiconductor Equipment
ELUM Electrical / Electronics Semiconductor Manufacturing
ENOGCI Energy, Oil and Gas Canadian Integrated
ENOGCXP Energy, Oil and Gas Canadian Exploration and Production
ENOGD Energy, Oil and Gas Drilling
ENOGFS Energy, Oil and Gas Field Services
ENOGII Energy, Oil and Gas International Integrated
ENOGIXP Energy, Oil and Gas International Exploration and Production
ENOGME Energy, Oil and Gas Machinery and Equipment
ENOGRM Energy, Oil and Gas Refining and Marketing
ENOGTP Energy, Oil and Gas Transportation and Piping
ENOGUSI Energy, Oil and Gas US Integrated
ENOGUSXP Energy, Oil and Gas US Exploration and Production
ENOTH Energy, Other
FDC Food, Confectionery and Related
FDDP Food, Dairy Products and Related
FDFG Food, Flour and Grain Products
FDMIP Food, Miscellaneous Preparation
FDMP Food, Meat Products
FICCL Finance, Consumer and Commercial Loans
FIER Finance, REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust)
FIIB Finance, Invesment Brokerages
FIIM Finance, Investment Management
FIMRS Finance, Mortgage and Related Services
FIPIF Finance, Public Investment Fund
FIS Finance, Savings and Loans
FISM Financial Services, Miscellaneous
FSR Funeral Services and Related
HHAPL Houeshold Appliances
HHCE Household Consumer Electronics
HHHW Household and Housewares
HHOF Household and Office Furniture
INC Internet Content
INEC Internet E-Commerce
INISP Internet Service Provider
INNS Internet Network Solutions
INS Internet Software
LGE Leisure Gaming and Equipment
LHM Leisure Hotels and Motels
LMR Leisure Movies and Related
LP Leisure Products
LPHER Lesiure Photo Equipment and Related Products
LS Leisure Services
LTGH Leisure Toys, Games and Hobby
MB Media, Books and Related
MCHCM Machinery, Construction and Mining
MCHF Machinery, Farm
MCHGI Machinery, General Industrial
MCHMHA Machinery, Material Handling and Automation
MCHTR Machinery, Tools and Related
MCSTV Media, Cable and Satellite TV
MD Media, Diversified Companies
MEBB Medical, Biomedical and Biotechnical
MED Medical, Ethical Drugs
MEDD Medical, Drugs and Diversified
MEDS Medical and Dental Supplies
MEDSV Medical and Dental Services
MEG Medical, Genetics
MEGD Medical, Generic Drugs
MEH Medical, Hospitals
MEHMO Medical, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO’s)
MENH Medical, Nursing Homes
MEOHC Medical, Outpatient and Home Care
MEP Medical, Products
MESE Medical, Systems and Equipment
MEWDS Medical, Whaolesale Drugs and Supplies
MNP Media, Newspapers and Related
MP Media, Periodicals
MRTV Media, Radio and TV
MTLO Metal Ores
MTLOGS Metal Ores, Gold and Silver
MTLPD Metal Products Distributor
MTLPF Metal Processing and Fabrication
MTLPF Metal Products, Fasteners
OFEA Office Equipment and Automation
OFSM Office Supplies Manufacturers
PCE Pollution Control Equipment
PCS Pollution Control Services
PPP Paper and Paper Production
RED Real Estate Development
REO Real Estate Operations
RTCLSH Retail Clothing and Shoes
RTCOEL Retail Consumer Electronics
RTDRS Retail Drug Stores
RTDS Retail Department Stores
RTDV Retail, Discount and Variety
RTHF Retail Home Furnishings
RTLP Retail Leisure Products
RTMDC Retail Major Discount Chain
RTMI Retail, Miscellaneous
RTMOD Retail, Mail Order and Direct
RTR Retail Restaurants
RTSMM Retail, Supermarkets and Mini-Markets
RTWAP Retail and Wholesale, Autos and Parts
RTWBUP Retail and Wholesale, Building Products
RTWCC Retail and Wholesale, Computers and Cellular
RTWFD Retail and Wholesale Food
RTWJ Retail and Wholesale Jewelry
RTWOS Retail and Wholesale Office Supplies
SCP Soaps,Cleaning Products and Related
STLP Steel Producers
STLSA Steel Specialty Alloys
T Tobacco and Related
TEE Telecom Equipment
TEFO Telecom Fiber Optics
TES Telecom Services
TESF Telecom Services Foreign
TEWE Telecom Wireless Equipment
TEWS Telecom Wireless Services
TRA Transportation, Airlines
TRAF Transportation, Air Freight
TREM Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
TRR Transportation, Railway
TRS Transportation, Ship
TRSV Transportation Services
TRT Transportation, Truck
TXMHH Textile, Mills and Household
UTEP Utility, Electric Power
UTGD Utility, Gas Distribution
UTWS Utility, Water Supply
VAH Insurance, Accident and Health Companies
VB Insurance, Brokers
VD Insurance, Diversified
VL Insurance, Life
VPCT Insurance, Property, Casualty and Title

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