Talceris Biotherapeutics Holdings Corp. (TLCR) - Earnings Reports, Stock Quote and Stock Chart

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Earnings Reports for TLCR - Talceris Biotherapeutics Holdings Corp.
list datesymbollist pricewlrtersrpesepssales (m)epcspcgroupavg vol
04/29/10TLCR18.83E8154.35/.28381 / na+25.0++2.5MEBB522,000
02/25/10TLCR22.06E8396.23/.22390 / na+4.5--2.8MEBB421,000
11/11/09TLCR22.57E10475.30/.17396 / na+76.5-+13-MEBB1,588,000

- indicates a break in earnings coverage

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