Anchor Glass Container Corporation (AGCC) - Earnings Reports, Stock Quote and Stock Chart

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Earnings Reports for AGCC - Anchor Glass Container Corporation
list datesymbollist pricewlrtersrpesepssales (m)epcspcgroupavg vol
05/09/05agcc1.90EX100-3-.59/-.17179 / 190--5.4+C105,000
03/14/05agcc4.03E00-3-1.32/-.46157 / 167--6.1-C47,000
11/08/04AGCC5.80E60-24-.24/-3.20186 / 193--3.8-C89,000
08/06/04AGCC10.62E7148.22/-.08214 / 186+375+15-C60,000
05/07/04AGCC15.68EX123-92-.17/-1.05190 / 162-+17+C28,000
02/17/04agcc15.70E11-19-.81/-.03167 / 157-+6.5-C33,000

- indicates a break in earnings coverage

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