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(50) most recent to be selected for the "GETshort stock pick list"
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NOTE: Beware of this stock list. Stocks that make it to the "GETshort" list can do very well as short candidates but also may perform spectacularly to the upside. The earnings of these stocks may look poor as indicated by the low earnings rank (er), however they do have a high strength rank (sr) and the story behind each stock is not accounted for. Check the earnings history to look for declining earnings rank (er) and strength rank (sr). Also check a stock chart to look for weakness and it is strongly reccommended to not fight a rising trend. Not many stocks make it to this list, so only consider recent additions.
list datesymbollist priceepssales (m)epcspcersrrtgrouppeswlavg vol
07/27/10IDIX5.97-.23/-.281.3 / na--46110EMEBB-26X288,000
07/26/10mosy4.60-.11/-.114.3 / na-+116+210EELUF-42X111,000
05/21/10olcb2.67-.13/.232 / na--37110EBAMW-21X11,000
05/18/10cnst15.02-5.49/-.37134 / na--16-10ECPKG-3X1,357
05/18/10ROIA4.78-.09/-.8459 / na--2.1210EMRTV-53X10,000
05/17/10mhr5.21-.05/-.047.8 / na-+307+-10EENOGUSXP-104X836,000
05/14/10COSI1.17-.06/-.0827.6 / na--3.9-10ERTR-20X223,000
05/14/10CCRT6.22-.89/-2.37230 / na---10EFICCL-7X140,000
05/14/10ades6.87-.39/-.083.9 / na--21110ECHS-18X27,000
05/11/10swwc10.61-.12/.0146.9 / na--6.5210EUTWS-88X426,000

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